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Majang Hyundai

Majang-dong Hyundai


Module: M, chamfer top
Top: Artificial Marble / Aspen White(Staron)
Layout: Gallery(2-Rows)
Square-feet: 24py /81m2
Wall-Side: 3.2m
Outer-Side: 2.7m
The total length of the sample kitchen is approximate.

Module Type Size Q'ty
Sink-Flab L
faucet: Grohe Minta 32321
sink: baekjo
Wall-Flab L 1
Wall-Drawer S 3
Cooktop-Oven-Built in M 1
Cabinet S 1
Upper-Flab Custom 1
Upper-Flab M 2
Fridge semi Built-in N
Samsung Bespoke
Dining table 2-4 1
Mario Chair Low 4
Mario Chair Bar high 1
Modular Sofa set Custom 1